Mr. President, the Baseship nukes just went hot. If any of our fleet starts spooling up…
They won’t have time to jump before the Cylons fire. 

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You know, sometimes I wonder what home is. Is it an actual place, or is it an absence we carry inside of us? Some kind of longing for something, some kind of connection. You know, I spent my whole life on Caprica. I was born in one house and then I moved to another. Then I moved into a dorm room in college and then there was a series of apartments. Mostly alone. I was always looking for something a little bigger or the perfect couch. And then, this. And then, now. I don’t think I’ve ever felt truly at home until these last few months here with you.

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make me choose - Laura Roslin or Catelyn Stark

"After what we’ve been through, it would be very easy to give up, to lose hope. But not here. Not today."

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They’ll kill you. You’ll die here, you know that.

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